GESCO acquires specialist 
for erosion and laser melting


Wuppertal, 31 May 2012 – As part of a business succession settlement due to retirement, GESCO AG has assumed control of C.F.K. CNC-Fertigungstechnik Kriftel GmbH in Kriftel am Taunus, Germany. Founded in 1986, the company is one of the leading names in high-precision wire erosion and die sinking. CFK deploys high-precision technology to produce its domestic and foreign customers’ parts, many of which are used in advanced safety and security systems. The items produced by C.F.K. CNC-Fertigungstechnik Kriftel GmbH vary greatly in size, ranging from just 0.002 g to 4,000 kg in weight. The Kriftel plant is also involved in producing parts with complex geometrical profiles, such as conical forms.

The fully climate-controlled production areas are home to a cutting-edge production line which currently comprises 40 separate large-scale machines. A high-precision measuring management system ensures that all parts can be produced to the most exacting documented and reproducible standards.

CFK processes parts for companies active in different engineering segments as well as for firms from the aerospace, medical and microtechnology sectors.

The company’s second-to-none expertise in wire erosion and die sinking is complemented by its advanced laser melting systems. This technology entails the use of 3D data to construct parts layer by layer, and it is predominantly used for creating functional prototypes, small-range series, tool fittings and medical implants.

CFK employs 46 people and has annual revenues in the region of €7.5 million. Much of this is generated by its own in-house value generation.

Founder and managing director Günter Kochendörfer will remain available to the company for a few months until the transition, after which time current second managing director Dr. Christoph Over will assume sole responsibility for running the company. Dr. Over joined the CFK in 2009 and will continue to hold a 20% stake in the business. 

Speaking about this acquisition, Executive Board member Dr. Hans-Gert Mayrose said: “CFK is a powerhouse of technical expertise and is, we believe, a real gem. The company has established a leading position in its sector thanks to decades of acquiring expertise in advanced metal processing and its production systems, which are of the highest class possible.”