Dömer GmbH & Co. KG. Stanz- und Umformtechnologie, Lennestadt

High-quality, complex stamping, forming and bending parts

Sold on 21.12.2020. See the respective press release.


Dömer has long-standing expertise in metal stamping, bending and forming, as well as in related tool manufacture. Its expertise in machining technology is in particular demand in the field of advanced special components with complex structures and exacting material specifications.

The company makes complex technical parts as well as patented process developments for sectors such as the automotive, metal fittings and railway industries, as well as for use in building technology and agricultural machinery.

Dömer is also a leading provider of expertise in the production of absorber and cushioning elements which are used worldwide in wheel sets on high-speed trains and in regional railway transportation.

Dr. Michael DammerManaging Director of Dömer GmbH & Co. KG Stanz- und Umformtechnologie, Lennestadt

The company´s profile

2019 sales (in € thousand)17,286
Staff (31.12.2019)96
GESCO AG shareholding100 %
Member of the GESCO Group since2005
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Dömer GmbH & Co. KG Stanz- und Umformtechnologie

An der Karlshütte 11
D-57368 Lennestadt-Langenei

Tel: +49 (0) 2723 9140-0
Fax: +49 (0) 2723 9140-23
Email: postmaster@doemer-gmbh.de


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