Modell Technik Formenbau GmbH, Sömmerda

Leading manufacturer of moulds for aluminium die casting

Sold on 21.12.2020. See the respective press release.


ModellTechnik develops and manufactures moulds for aluminium and magnesium die casting. The company specialises in tools for manufacturing highly complex, large components weighing approximately 1.8 to 48 tonnes, mainly for use in the automotive industry.

From development to tool repair, ModellTechnik offers a wide range of full-service options. At its efficient foundry, the company tests tools and optimises prototypes, while also manufacturing series start-ups and small-scale series for customers.

ModellTechnik can draw on special expertise when it comes to components such as gear boxes, valve bodies, steering gear housing, cylinder valve covers, oil pans and structural components such as vehicle doors. With the combination of machine park and full-service offer, ModellTechnik covers the entire process chain, setting benchmarks throughout Europe.

Mike ZiesemannManaging Director

The company´s profile

2019 sales (in € thousand)10,356
Staff (31.12.2019)107
GESCO AG shareholding100 %
Member of the GESCO Group since2012


Modell Technik Formenbau GmbH

Franz-Mehring-Straße 11
D-99610 Sömmerda

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