The GESCO Group: From Melting Steel to 3D Printing

The GESCO Group: 17 hidden champions among industrial small and medium-sized enterprises. Established niche providers with a focus on tools and mechanical engineering as well as plastics technology. Within these industries, the services range from steelmaking to 3D printing, from the ploughshare to the support arm for medical technologies.

The companies are recognised players with established brands in their respective markets. Many are niche providers, some are market leaders. The business models are independent of each other, but all focus on technology.

Let yourself be inspired by the diversity and performance of industrial SMEs. Get to know 17 exciting business models through text, image and film.



A group of private, the middle class of related investors recognize the succession issue as a pressing problem of the middle class and established GESCO. The goal: medium-sized industrial companies with intra-family succession solution put under the umbrella of a lean holding their successful development

News & updates

08/18/2015 - Press Release GESCO Annual General Meeting elects Supervisory Board, expansion of the Executive Board announced

Wuppertal, 18 August 2015 – Today’s Annual General Meeting of SDAX-listed company GESCO AG resolved the regular election of the ... read more

Financial calendar

  • 18. August 2015 Annual General Meeting in the Stadthalle, Wuppertal / Wuppertal Calendar
  • 13. November 2015 Figures for the first half year (01.04.-30.09.2015) / Calendar
  • 23. November 2015 / 24. November 2015 German Equity Forum / Frankfurt am Main Calendar

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