GESCO: Specialising in succession issues in SMEs

As an investment holding company, GESCO acquires profitable, strategically attractive industrial SMEs. In doing so, we concentrate on four strategically attracitve segments: Production Process Technology, Resource Technology, Healthcare and Infrastructure Technology as well as Mobility Technology. Since our founding in 1989, we have built up a strong group of hidden champions, market and technology leaders. In terms of diversification, our customer sectors are broadly based. In this way we succeed in reducing dependency on particular sectors, despite our clear focus.

It is our sustainability, most of all, that clearly sets us apart from classical financial investors. Deeply rooted in GESCO's DNA, this sustainability guides our actions: we continue proven business models and develop them further. Our central task is to utilise growth potential and to ensure the future of the Group in the long term. 

GESCO went public on 24 March 1998. GESCO's shares are listed in the Prime Standard.

Find out more about our strategy and discover how we differ from other investment holding companies. Look into GESCO’s history – and get to know us

  • Our strategy: SME-based, entrepreneurial, long-term

    They are known as pearls of the Mittelstand, or hidden champions – well-managed, successfully positioned companies. They score points with their typical SME strengths: intimacy with the market, customer orientation, capacity to innovate, and also efficient decision-making. GESCO AG identifies these pearls and acquires them, giving them a long-term home within the Group. 

  • The GESCO management team: SME-based, entrepreneurial, experienced

    Entrepreneurial thinking guides the actions of the Executive Board, as it does those of the Supervisory Board. They feel a joint commitment to corporate management that is founded on sustainability. 

  • Sustainability – at GESCO it is more than a phrase

    Sustainability is deeply rooted in GESCO’s DNA: The majority of our companies are many decades old. As a long-term investor, we continue their proven business models and develop them further, together with the company’s management. Without sustainable management, these SMEs would not be where they are today.