The sale process

What is involved in the sale process? Whole process could take between 4 and 6 months.

1. Initial discussion / initial examination

Initial contact / discussion
Speedy examination of GESCO’s fundamental interest in purchasing
Management presentation and factory tour

2. Detailed internal review / initial indicative offer

Detailed internal participation check by GESCO
Discussing acquisition modalities with the entrepreneur
Submission of an initial indicative offer

3. External review / due diligence

Discussion of the indicative offer and evaluation of the results
Answering questions
Start of the external legal, taxation, financial and, where appropriate, environmental and market review (due diligence) 

4. Acquisition decision

Final investment decision by GESCO SE’s Supervisory Board
Opening of negotiations on the purchase agreements and other agreements

5. Signing / closing / payment of the purchase price

Concluding agreement negotiations and signing
Possible processing of conditions precedent
Effectiveness of the purchase agreement
(closing) and payment of the purchase price


The process is closed