The sale process

What is involved in the sale process?

Whole process could take between 4 and 6 months.

  • 1. Initial discussion / initial examination

    Initial contact / discussion
    Speedy examination of GESCO’s fundamental interest in purchasing
    Management presentation and factory tour

  • 2. Detailed internal review / initial indicative offer

    Detailed internal participation check by GESCO
    Discussing acquisition modalities with the entrepreneur
    Submission of an initial indicative offer

  • 3. External review / due diligence

    Discussion of the indicative offer and evaluation of the results
    Answering questions
    Start of the external legal, taxation, financial and, where appropriate, environmental and market review (due diligence) 

  • 4. Acquisition decision

    Final investment decision by GESCO AG’s Supervisory Board
    Opening of negotiations on the purchase agreements and other agreements

  • 5. Signing / closing / payment of the purchase price

    Concluding agreement negotiations and signing
    Possible processing of conditions precedent
    Effectiveness of the purchase agreement
    (closing) and payment of the purchase price