Junior Uni Wuppertal Building

„No talent must be lost": we support the Junior Uni Wuppertal

Founded in 2008 - and unique in Germany: the Junior Uni Wuppertal. A very special teaching and research institution. It offers courses in experimentation and research to young people from the age of four to the „Abitur“. Since its foundation, more than 5,500 courses with more than 65,000 places have been held there.
Under the motto "No talent must be lost", the Junior Uni encourages young people to start their studies and careers. The Junior Uni is one hundred percent privately financed and depends on broad support.

Prof. Dr. h. c. Ernst Andreas Ziegler, Dr. Ariane Staab, Dr. Annika Spathmann

All in all: a lighthouse project supported by civic commitment. We believe that this deserves support. That's why in May 2019 we took over a support program for scientific coordination at the Junior Uni. In fulfilling our social responsibility, we have thus decided to become involved in education with a focus on the "MINT" subjects. 
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