Specialising in corporate succession in SMEs

The GESCO model is very successful because the company’s long-term strategy benefits all those involved:

  • The former owner, who wants to settle succession issues.
    He or she knows that his or her life’s work is in good hands and that jobs at the company are safe. GESCO SE is a long-term investor that does not want to break up, merge or resell his or her  company in a few years’ time.
  • The new managing director, who wants to take on the company.
    He or she takes on an established company with a strong corporation as a partner. The holding company structure allows him or her to act with full responsibility, but he or she can also fall back on the expertise of the GESCO Group.
  • The workforce, who can depend on the fact that the company’s established, successful identity will be retained. Selling to an owner like GESCO ensures continuity and stability. Meanwhile, new impetus breathes new life into the company, securing its future.
  • Business partners, who can continue their business relationship with the company.
    Customers, suppliers and banks can continue to benefit from their trusting business relationships, which have often been built up over decades.
  • GESCO SE, which benefits from the economic success of its subsidiaries.
    GESCO lives from the profit distributions of its subsidiaries. The level of dividends is agreed individually with the management of each company, depending on its situation and the level of investment required.
  • GESCO’s shareholders, who have access to leading companies in the technology-driven German SME sector.
    The ambitious industrial SME sector is usually closed to investors. Few shares are available in this area, and a significant level of investment is required in order to diversify risk. Meanwhile, GESCO offers the “best of the SME sector” in a single share.