A group of private investors who are closely connected to SMEs recognises the topic of succession as an urgent problem for small and medium-sized enterprises and as an attractive investment opportunity. In 1989, auditors, tax consultants and entrepreneurs found GESCO. And so began a successful corporate history...


A group of private investors who are closely connected to SMEs founds GESCO with the aim of bundling a portfolio of successful small and medium-sized industrial enterprises in a holding company.


On 24 March 1998, GESCO celebrates a successful debut at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and raises additional funds for future growth.


GESCO successfully conducts a capital increase among domestic and foreign investors. By issuing new shares, the share capital increases by 10% and the Group raises about EUR 6.8 million for further acquisitions.


Thanks to the GESCO Group’s successful development, our second capital increase is also met with great interest from domestic and foreign investors. The share capital increases by 10% and GESCO has access to another EUR 9.8 million for future growth.


GESCO successfully conducts another capital increase and places new shares with German and European institutional investors. With EUR 19.2 million in issue proceeds, we subsequently buy three further established industrial companies.


25 years of GESCO! A reason to celebrate – not with a historical review, but with a technology day at the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule (RWTH University) in Aachen. Even after a quarter of a century, we continue to focus on the future.


At the suggestion of numerous shareholders, GESCO implemented a share split in the ratio of 1:3 in order to facilitate trading with the GESCO share, make the share more attractive and increase capital market liquidity.


Acquisition of Pickhardt & Gerlach Group, a leading strip steel processor, in the context of a succession arrangement.


“Small” capital increase: 864.449 new shares were placed, GESCO AG generated new funds of approximately € 20 million. The emission was oversubscribed several times.


Acquisition of Sommer & Strassburger, a specialised provider of processing equipment for the pharmaceutical, food/beverage, water and chemical industries


Strategy NEXT LEVEL: a new chapter in GESCO’s history


GESCO closes mobility technology segment and undertakes largest portfolio adjustment in company history


GESCO successfully finishes balancing out its portfolio by substantial automotive shares


Acquisition of W. Krömker GmbH, the European market leader for support arm systems and an innovation leader for high-quality medical technology products.


GESCO is one of the most prestigious investment companies for German SME, a holding company for 12 hidden champions and an established player on the stock market.