GESCO: an association of industrial SMEs

The GESCO Group comprises established industrial SMEs. They act operationally independent in their respective markets while benefitting from being part of a strong group.

With the support of the holding, they manage to retain their typical SME strengths, such as the capacity to innovate, closeness to customers and the market, and also efficient decision-making. At the same time, regluar investments as well as ongoing strategic development help to make the companies fit for the future. 

Production Process
  • Dynamically growing markets, high degree of innovation, automation
  • Robotics and automation solutions in machine and plant construction, technology-intense manufacturing services
  • Consolidating markets, focus on niches and customer service
  • Customised preparation of primary materials, e. g. materials supply, transport and loading technology
Health & Infrastructure
  • Stable markets, relatively resilient to economic cycle
  • Components, modules and products for providers for mass markets close to end customers