Specialising in corporate succession in SMEs

Always a majority shareholder with a long-term approach 

For more than thirty years, GESCO has been a specialist in succession solutions for SMEs. With our expertise as a long-term investor, we find the right solution - be it within the framework of a classic succession plan for reasons of age or as a partner for the next growth steps. Succession is a topic that drives many entrepreneurs. GESCO has the right answers.


GESCO – a different kind of investment holding company

Successful companies find a permanent home in the GESCO Group. We benefit from their successful long-term development. That is a significant difference between us and private equity companies. Their actions are focused on a lucrative resale of their stake (the “exit”).

GESCO SE’s stock market listing ensures the highest levels of transparency

Allow our financial reports to convince you that we are a healthy company and that we can offer you transaction security.

Find out about our strategy and our acquisition criteria. Or feel free to contact us. You will see that our approach is typical of the SME sector: we are uncomplicated, thorough and able to make quick decisions.    

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The GESCO model: benefits for all those involved 

The GESCO model is very successful because the company’s long-term strategy benefits all those involved: The former owner who wants to settle succession issues, the new managing director, who wants to take on the company and GESCO SE, the majority shareholder, which benefits from the economic success of its subsidiaries.

Allow yourself to be convinced by GESCO’s win-win model

The criteria that underlie GESCO SE’s acquisitions

GESCO’s entire business model, and its actions, are aimed at sustainable success. In order to achieve this, we have set criteria which we use to select candidates for acquisition.

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The investment process – from initial contact to signing 

We can usually determine whether we are interested in acquiring your company at the point of initial contact. From that time, it can take four to six months until the purchase contract is signed. An outline of the steps taken in that period is available here.

How the sale process is structured

What you can expect from GESCO, as an investor

“If you commit for all eternity, you should look before you leap”: There are various ways to solve succession issues at a company. And there are various kinds of partners who can help implement those solutions. Find out what you can expect from us, as a long-term investor.

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If you have questions regarding the succession solution, then we have the answers

How long does the sale process take? How does GESCO value a company? If not from exits, how does GESCO make money? And what does “due diligence” actually mean? We have put together answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Questions about the sale