Data protection

Privacy Statement

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our company. GESCO AG is committed to protecting and ensuring the security of its customers’, business partners’ and users’ data. As a result, our business processes are designed in such a way that the amount of personal data subject to collection or processing is kept to an absolute minimum. The following privacy statement explains what information we collect during your visit to our website, what pieces of this information may potentially be used, and how.

Personal data

GESCO AG collects, stores and processes personal data exclusively in accordance with applicable regulations under data protection law. GESCO AG collects, stores and processes personal data only to the extent necessary within the scope of a contractual relationship or for supplying information you have requested, and provided you have voluntarily supplied the information, for example as part of signing up for a newsletter or through the contact form. GESCO AG will not disclose your personal data to third parties for marketing purposes, which include those related to advertising, market research and opinion polling, without your express consent. Furthermore, GESCO AG will itself not use your stored data for these purposes without your consent.

Responsible body

The responsible body within the meaning of the German Federal Data Protection Act is

Johannisberg 7, 42103 Wuppertal, Germany
Phone: +49 202 248200
Fax: +49 202 2482049
Email: gesco(at)
Executive Board:
Dr Eric Bernhard (Chairman)
Robert Spartmann

Standard data

Data with no direct reference to your person is automatically stored whenever you visit a website. It pertains exclusively to information that, by itself, does not allow for the identification of your person in any way. Such data is also generated whenever you access a website from other providers and includes the following, for example:

  • IP address
  • Date and time of access
  • Retrieved resources and length of visit
  • Transferred data volume and length of the data transfer
  • Place where you accessed the page
  • Name and version of the browser software

This information is used exclusively in anonymised fashion to further improve the website in the interest of users. Such information is deleted if it is possible to make a direct link to a specific person.


Our website uses cookies, which are small files that make it possible to store specific data on a user’s computer from which a website is accessed. This data relates only to the device in question and serves two purposes: to enhance how user-friendly a website is, and to collect statistical information about a website’s use. The information is subsequently analysed in order to improve the website. As a user of this website, you can manage how cookies are stored by choosing the setting in your browser that requires individual confirmation of cookies – or which prohibits the storage of cookies. More information about cookies is available on the Mozilla or Microsoft websites.

Statistical analysis using etracker

This website uses etracker technology ( to collect and store data for marketing and optimization purposes. Anonymised usage profiles can be generated from these data. Cookies may be used for this purpose. Cookies are small text files which are stored locally in the browser storage of a website visitor. They enable the recognition of the browser on subsequent visits. The data collected with etracker technology will not be be used to identify a visitor of the website and will not be aggregated with personal data without the explicit consent of the visitor.The collection and storage of data may be refused by a visitor at any time, at which point no further data will be collected.


We have taken extensive technological and operational precautions to protect your personal data stored with us from unauthorised access and misuse. In addition, we regularly review our security procedures and update them to keep pace with technological progress. Our employees are required to maintain strict confidentiality.

Links to other website

If you visit an external website from our page (external link), it may be the case that the external provider receives information from your browser about which one of our web pages you accessed the site from. The external provider is responsible for this information. Just like every other website provider, this matter is entirely out of our hands.

Your rights with regard to personal data

As a matter of course, GESCO AG fully respects your rights with regard to your personal data. Your specific rights are as follows:

  • Right of access: You have the standardised right of access, which enables you to request information about what personal data of yours is stored with us. We will promptly provide you with this information upon request.
  • Right to erasure: You have the right to demand that we delete your data if it may no longer be stored.
  • Right to correction: You have the right to have your personal data corrected if we have stored it incorrectly.
  • Right of objection: You have the right to object to the storage of your data at any time or to revoke your consent to its storage.

If you would like to exercise any of your rights, please contact us, including by sending an email to gesco(at)

Data protection officer

GESCO AG has appointed the attorney Martin Wagner, LL.M., to serve as the company’s data protection officer. He is available to answer any further enquiries regarding data protection at GESCO AG. His contact information is as follows:

Martin Wagner, LL.M., Attorney
Certified Data Protection Officer (TÜV Nord)
GoldbergUllrich Rechtsanwälte
Friedrichstr. 51 – 42105 Wuppertal, Germany
Phone: +49 202 9422900
Telefax: +49 202 454505
Email: gesco(at)

Apart from the in-house privacy monitoring performed by the company’s data protection officer, the German Federal Data Protection Act also provides for monitoring bodies that can assist you in enforcing your rights. The regulatory authority of the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia is responsible for GESCO AG.