Sommer & Strassburger GmbH

Specialised provider of processing equipment for the pharmaceutical, food, water technology and chemical industries


Founded in 1973, the company develops and produces processing equipment with a focus on the pharmaceutical, food, water technology and chemical industries. A high-end processor of stainless steel, Sommer & Strassburger has positioned itself in the relevant customer sectors as a leading-edge provider of process tanks, filter housings and membrane housings through its AseptraLine, FiltraLine and MembraLine brands.

At the ACHEMA industry trade fair in June 2018, the company also unveiled the ResiLine product line, an innovative corrosion-resistant membrane housing made of polymer-coated stainless steel for transporting substances with a high salt or chlorine content, for example. Sommer & Strassburger has decades of experience, extensive materials expertise and its own system development.

The company has the process technology know-how to understand its customers’ methods and develop solutions that function reliably. An outstanding vertical depth of production, including in-house surface treatment, provides high-end quality for the respective customer sectors.

Stefan KuhnManaging Director

The company´s profile

2022 Sales (in € thousand)31.3
Staff (31.12.2022)152
GESCO SE shareholding100 %
Member of the GESCO Group since2018


Sommer & Strassburger GmbH

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